Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wednesday February 7th

This morning we had speeches in the gym. Students cheered their schoolmates on and three from this class said their speech. Congratulations to all speakers today! The speeches were very well done- I don't envy the judges!

After speeches, students did some team building games before lunch.

After lunch, students wrote paragraphs. They learned about features of a paragraph and then wrote a paragraph to convince Ms. Clarkson of something. Class pets, movie days, why winter is great- some of them are pretty interesting!

During UOI, students had a discussion about Miguel's Tomatoes and took up the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary chart from yesterday. We then had a discussion about features of cities and cities that students have traveled to. 

Tomorrow is skiing. I will not be attending, however Ms. Cranfield, Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Rozzario will be there. The bus will be leaving at 8am sharp. If you are driving, please meet in the South Base Lodge (North) Parking Lot at 9:30.


Skating Friday

Paragraph if not complete. 

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