Monday, 12 February 2018

Monday February 12th

Happy Monday!

After sharing about their weekends, students began to develop a survey to ask their schoolmates. They will be graphing the results shortly.  Students also collaborated on making a class graph to track Canada's medal count during the Olympics. They decided to also track the host country's medal count.

Students then had their spelling pre-tests and gym and drama with Ms. Cranfield.

After lunch, students had French with Mme. V

During UOI, special guest Farmer Deaken came in to teach students about how food gets from the farm to their tables.


Pancake Tuesday Tomorrow- Lunch will be provided (thanks to the PTA!)

Valentine's Spirit Day Wednesday- Wear red, white, and pink. We will be exchanging cards and enjoying some treats in the afternoon

Caribou Contest Wednesday

Trip to St. Jude's  Thursday- form

Skating Friday- please return form asap

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