Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Wednesday September 27th

Today in math, students explored sequences involving subtraction. We then had a fire drill- the students did a great job calmly exiting the building.

Students then had gym and drama with Ms. Cranfield. While students were in gym, the others completed word work surrounding their spelling words for the week and practiced typing.

After lunch, students had French with Mme. V.

At the end of the day, students had UOI. We explored buoyancy and built tin foil boats. The goal was to build a boat with the most buoyant force to keep it from sinking once we added mass. All the boats floated, but Matthew's boat was the most successful and held over 100 blocks! Way to go Matthew!

Building our boats
Finished! Now time to test our designs

How many blocks will it hold?


Terry Fox run tomorrow: starts at 2:15


Grade 3s: 6-7
Grade 4s: 5-6

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