Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wednesday September 20th

Today in math students worked on subtraction with regrouping. This will be the last lesson before the test on Friday. Tomorrow will be used for review.

In language, students worked on cursive writing with a focus on "l" and "t". The word of the day was peculiar.

For UOI, students watched a Bill Nye Gravity video and completed a character study on Sir Issac Newton. Tomorrow we are doing an egg drop experiment. If you have any old items such as sponges, bubble wrap, tissue paper etc. please bring it in tomorrow.
 Image result for Sir Isaac Newton cartoon
Newton discovering gravity


Math Test Friday
Pg. 31 for review
3s pg. 63, 65, 67 eoq
4s pg. 52-55 eoq

Terry Fox Run September 28th

Spelling, Silent Reading


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