Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tuesday September 26th

Today students continued patterning in math focusing on sequences using addition patterns.

Students then had gym and drama with Ms. Cranfield.

The internet was working for a bit today (yay!) so students played prodigy to develop math skills. We also started a new program called typing.com that will help students with their typing skills. In the future, students will be able to choose to type any major writing assignments and will be required to type their assignments in future grades. This program takes students through keyboarding skills focusing on proper finger placement and mastering key strokes. We will work on typing skills in class, but students are encouraged to also practice these skills at home. I have sent a note home in agendas with student's usernames and passwords.

In language, students worked with synonyms and antonyms and completed a journal about being a super hero.

For UOI, students learned about muscular force today. They learned about their muscles, other animals that use muscular force to complete tasks, and tested their personal muscular abilities.

Textbook Challenge

Push Ups- Using our muscles


Casual Day Tomorrow: $2 or $20 for the year (donated to local charity)

Terry Fox Run Thursday: $5 donation to receive t-shirt  due tomorrow


3s pg. 2-3
4s pg. 3-4

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