Thursday, 7 September 2017

Thursday September 7th

Today I had the 3/4s for math and UOI. In math, we completed an activity to discover which concepts we remembered and which ones we have forgotten over the summer/ still need to learn. We also had a discussion about why math is important- there were some very creative answers! There is a hundreds chart activity for homework: students are required to find as many patterns as they can in the chart.

For UOI, we watched a introductory video about forces and then explored the forces that are around us in everyday life.

What force(s) do we see?

Teacher Mady explaining water pressure

Love to see all the smiles while learning!
The students had art with Mrs. Doucette and French with Mme. V today. The Grade 4 students had gym with Ms. Cranfield while the grade 3s finished up some work from yesterday.

Another awesome day! Keep up the great work 3/4s :)


Math: Hundreds Chart

Art: Letter from Mrs. Doucette

PTA BBQ September 13th, please let us know if you can attend! 

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