Thursday, 21 September 2017

Thursday September 21st

Today students completed a review for math to prepare for the test. They will be tested on place value, adding and subtracting with regrouping/ borrowing, greater than/ less than, base ten models, expanded/standard form, and will have to explain one mental math strategy/ using friendly numbers.

Students then had art with Mrs. Doucette and French with Mme. V.

For UOI today we did EGG DROP!
Students had to build a device to protect their egg from the force of gravity as we dropped them off the top of a ladder. Most survived the fall, a few did not :( We thanked the eggs for donating themselves to science.

Sofia and Eggatha

Mady and Jennifer
Matthew and Simon
Kate and Sara
Emma and Dotitha
Sarah and Bob
Kai and Tyler

Say Egg Drop!

one more picture before we smashed the eggs


Math Test Tomorrow

Reading Buddies Tomorrow- bring a picture book if you wish to share with your buddy

Terry Fox September 28th- keep collecting those pledges!

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